Julian Castro vs. Donald Trump 2020 Map Prediction – 2020 Electoral Map Projection

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Julian Castro Announces Run For President – Will Julian Castro Win? Hypothetical 2020 Presidential Election Between Democratic Nominee Julian Castro vs. Incumbent Republican President Donald Trump

2020 Presidential Election Predictions – 2020 Presidential Candidates Nominees – 2020 Presidential Election Map – Election Predictions – Election Night – Julian Castro vs Donald Trump 2020 Electoral Map Prediction – My Post Midterm 2018 2020 Electoral Map Projection – Projecting 2020 Election Results – Who will be our next President?

2020 Presidential Election Predictions Candidates Map – Would Julian Castro beat Trump? Julian Castro vs Donald Trump 2020 Electoral Map Prediction – Projecting the 2020 Election Results – In this video I go through each state predicting and projecting who would win a hypothetical matchup between Julian Castro and Donald Trump in 2020. In this video I use data from polls, 2016 general election results, 2018 midterm results, and my personal opinion.

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2020 Map: https://bit.ly/2k2ftQH