Music Video: “Vote Donald Trump!”

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It’s Tuesday in November,
The day has finally here,
To do my civic duty,
The choice is oh so clear.

When I think about all the scandals,
The emails, Benghazi
Selling secrets to the highest bidder,
and that fiasco with Gaddafi.

But there’s only ONE BIG THING to keep in mind
That’ll have you stumping for Trump in the streets:
That nasty old lady, smearing her Snooze,
all over the white house sheets.

Vote Donald Trump!
How much more cash can the Democrats steal
Vote Donald Trump!
We need the guy who wrote “The art of the deal”

Vote Donald Trump!
We’re building that wall, so triumphantly Huge
Vote Donald Trump!
The Donald will trump that crooked old Stooge.

She’ll do anything to get back
To the White House, back to her Throne
Cus when she’s get her bed back
“Sweet Jesus, I have come home!”

And I think about all that laundry,
To clean up after Bill
That’s your tax dollars working, when you elect,
A bone fide Soros shill.

Vote Donald Trump!
He’ll bring radical Islam to its knees
Vote Donald Trump!
Vote for Trump or we’ll all be speaking Chinese.

Vote Donald Trump!
His wife and his kids are really cool
Vote Donald Trump!
The women, the blacks the Hispanics the gays and the orthodox Jew

We must stop the libtards from running amok
Vote Donald Trump!
Vote for Trump of Stefan will call you a cuck

(Stef Molyneux says that if your IQ is above 32 that you do)

Vote Donald Trump!
Milo Y. needs his dad!
Vote Donald Trump!
Even Sean Hannity’s cheering Trump on
Vote Donald Trump!
Get yourself out and vote, but vote for The Don.

Vote Donald Trump!

The 2016 Vote Song (Official Music Video)
Music and Lyrics by Brett Segal
Produced, Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Brett Segal
All Instruments and Performances by Brett Segal
Bass by Shawn Saul
Guitar by Jared Bell

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