Russia Collusion Peddlers Will Turn on Each Other—Trump 2020 Adviser Steven Rogers

Now that the Mueller Report has been published, what further investigations is Attorney General William Barr likely to pursue?

And what is the impact on America of the false Russia collusion narrative being so incessantly promoted by prominent congressional members and media?

Who benefited, or was damaged, by this focus on alleged Russia collision?

And what new revelations can Americans expect as we approach 2020?

We sit down with Steve Rogers, a former Senior U.S. Navy Intelligence Officer and FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force member, who also headed the criminal investigations division of a New Jersey Police department for almost 2 decades. Now, he’s a Trump 2020 Campaign Advisory Board member.

We discuss the Mueller report, the efforts over the past several years to undermine President Trump, and how at least part of this effort amounts to a scandal bigger than Watergate.

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