TDA FederalReserve Teaser READ DESCRIPTION! #RealTrumpNation, #Qanon, #Trump2020

Please watch: “Students at Florida college are controlling Drones using their brains!”
I appologize for the sound quality on this video I had forgotten to remove my blacktape from my mic/webcam.

This Video is a Teaser to the video of the full exposing of the Federal Reserve, The jesuits, The Individual accounts present that they say are not present, the fact that the Board of Governers who controls the Private Bank The Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve and D.C. Is owned by the #Jesuits, so the Pope Owns us Financially, The Queen owns our Bonds which are Birth Certificates, Under Maritime Law we are traded as a commodity, I will be going into full detail on this once I start and complete the Video on the LIES OF AMERICA.

Documentary to be released in 2 Days Get Ready to be Blown away!!!

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