TRUMP RALLY Rio Rancho, New Mexico Protesters BOOTED! 9/16/2019

The REAL crowd size! (Around 10,000 inside, several thousand outside) Amazing LIVE President Trump Rally footage in Rio Rancho, New Mexico! Protesters get BOOTED! 9/16/2019

I shot this on my Galaxy Note 9 phone and tried to stabilize it.
PLEASE SHARE and COPY! Democrats think the crowd is fake because FAKE NEWS won’t pan the crowd, well now we can show the world the TRUE NEWS! This may get taken down due to the song, if so I will loop the actual crowd cheer without the song and re-upload it, but copy this video NOW to save the original version! Again, share this video EVERYWHERE as fast as possible!

God bless you all, and may God forever bless America!

Trump 2020!!