Trump supporters for #trump2020 please answer in the comments | #trumpFearsYang

Hi if you’re looking to support Donald Trump in 2020 and don’t think Trump fears Yang. Please let me know the issues or reasons you think that Donald Trump would be a better candidate than Andrew Yang. or if you don’t know that much about Andrew Yang what specifically about Donald Trump is it that you like.
I would like to respond to some comments from Trump supporters or people that are curious about Donald Trump in 2020 and see if maybe Andrew Yang would fit the criteria of what you’re looking for in a candidate better.
Henry Yang is not right not left before. and because Andrew Yang is taking some of the base from Donald Trump hence #TrumpfearsYang #has gotten some attention.

you can learn more about Andrew Yang and how he compares the Donald Trump at

you can check out his policies and see why many are starting to say that #TrumpFearsYang