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America Stand by Your President Donald J. Trump,…

A parody of Tammy Wynette’s Stand By Your Man,

Sometimes it’s hard to be an American, giving all your support to the main man in charge, you will don’t like the way he handles things, and he will don’t like the way you want him to be, he will mess up, screw up and make some mistakes,

Maybe even some really dumb ones, but if you’re true red, white and blue, America first, Deep down in your heart and soul, You’ll forgive him, Even though sometimes he’s a fool who’s hard to understand.

And if you’re doing your patriotic duty, Oh be proud of your President, Just like you would a baby taking that first step, that first step out into the big bad world, Because after all, he’s no God, He’s just a proud man, that love’s the United States of America.

Give him a thumbs-up, even if you think he’s acting like a jerk, give him some hope and something warm to cling to, when his hard worry-filled nights are cold and lonely,

America Stand by Your President Donald J. Trump and tell the MS-13 Gangster’s they can all go to hell. Because no matter what, you’ll still support him, giving him all the encouragement you can, America Stand by Your President Donald J. Trump,…

Living Legally Together Give Better Quality In-life, So let’s Build the Wall,…

By Raimpy A Dutch country-boy, USA always in my heart!!