Was TRUMP right about the “Central Park 5”?#BLEXIT

JiL fresh off another debate victory last night will be reviewing that debate where Vaush could not prove Trump was in fact a racist. He was a shocking 0/3!! One of those false charges of racism dealt with TRUMPS comments concerning the Central Park 5. Was #TRUMP2020 comments correspond to reality. Does he know something I know and Conservatives know that the leftist drone Vaush and the rest of the useful idiots voting Democratic do not know? Yea the actual evidence. So we will be watching the confessions. Learn to think for yourself atheist.
The actual confessions/police reports can be found here:
Interview with lead detective on the case:

SHOUT OUT to James from Modern Day Debate

Who allowed me the platform needed to get this information, the truth out. Even atheist were in the chat agreeing with JiL. Go figure!!! Truth wins!! TRUMP JiL and Kayne? freeing one black Democratic plantation slave at a time. #BLEXIT